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Hi. I’m Drew, and this is my blog.

Drew Blog.

Creative title, right? I landed on that after considering various combinations of “Drew” and “Blog”, including the backwards-spelled portmanteau “Golbwerd”. (A little too much, I thought.) So that’s my title. Drew Blog. I like the undue simplicity of it. It’s so stripped down that I didn’t even use correct punctuation or grammar (e.g. “Drew’s Blog” or “The Drew Blog”). Take that, proper English!


Grew up in a great family of my parents and three sisters. Went to church all my life, but didn’t really open up to God until I went to college at Salisbury, and realized that faith wasn’t just a Sunday thing. The friendships and community I experienced there changed my life.

2005 was a pivotal year for me. My world was upended by an album that awakened me to the poverty and suffering in the world, and to the ever-more profound hope of Christ. This led me to spend a month overseas that summer, teaching English and realizing that even persecution couldn’t overcome God’s kingdom.

2005 was also the year I started dating Drea, who became my wife in 2007. Our story is one filled with all kinds of failures, but not without God’s unrelenting faithfulness and restoration. He is truly good. Drea and I had a joint blog together for a while, which you can find here.


Things I like: innovative music, laid-back social gatherings, the American West, hygiene, wit/sarcasm, coffee with hazelnut, road trips, cranberry juice, skiing, beer in a cold glass, maps/geography, Tex/Mex food, our new Prius, people who keep it real.

Things that suck: traffic, country music, Tyra Banks, humidity, small-mindedness, body odor, cottage cheese, ostentatious lifestyles, lame wedding receptions, fluorescent lights, resistance to good change, people who have to be the center of attention.


I blog for a few definable reasons (and, I’m sure, some undefinable ones):

Self-therapy. I’ve found that I benefit from writing. Getting words on paper (or screen) helps me make sense of what’s happening in my life, what God’s teaching me, etc. Private journaling is a discipline I find difficult to keep at, but I do try. Some posts on here have been/will be filtered versions of what I write in my journal, with the desired result of being personal, but not too personal.

General sharing of ideas. I try to keep abreast of what’s happening in our world, and I’ll sometimes write about issues that interest me. I’m not sure where I fall on the conservative-liberal spectrum; I’m beginning to think I’m a little of both. In any case, thoughts and ideas of all types are welcome in the comments section, so long as they’re respectful.

Archive. I blog “slices of life” for my own future enjoyment. (Selfish.) I know this sounds mushy, but I love remembering normal day-to-day details of past periods of my life. Even the mundane elements are a gift from God, and I intend to make the most of them! I do this fully recognizing that these type of entries will be of meager use or enjoyment to the blogosphere – kind of like watching someone else’s home movies.

Whatever reason you’ve stumbled across this blog, I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for stopping by! (Can’t say that anymore without thinking of Anchorman.)

But seriously, thanks, and happy reading!


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  2. msatheeshkumar says:

    Hi Drew thanks for dropping a comment in my blog. I’m very much interested to make friendship with people from different countries. So you are from US.I like US. Its one of the places where I dream to study.I may try for USMLE after my Undergraduation,and if everything goes well,I’ll be doing Residency there.Keep watching my blog…..I’ll be posting many topics like Travels and I hope you’ll find them interesting.And you are always welcome to India.Take care…..

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