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Turns out my daughter is more important than the internet.

I know, right? Can we say “high maintenance”? Jeez louis.

Yep, my blogging consistency has plummeted recently, but hopefully you guys will cut me slack on account of being a new dad and all. I have priorities now, folks!

I imagine posting frequency will stay pretty scarce, but blogging is still on my radar. I’ve actually been thinking of a few blog changes I’d like to make:

I’d like to do more topic-specific posts — stuff that requires me to do some research (dare I say soul-searching?) as opposed to just rattling off my opinions. I feel pretty good about the topical posts I’ve done before, but I think there’s room for me to kick it up a notch in this area.

I’d also like to focus a little more on quality in general. Even in the just-for-fun-type posts, I want to put my best writing out there. I like blogging as a creative output, and I don’t want to half-ass it. If you’re going to do something, might as well do it well, right?

So here’s committing to cranking out some decent posts at least every couple weeks or so. Stay tuned!


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Water Walk

A few weeks ago, I came across some pictures of an event in Nashville called a Water Walk. It was organized by Blood:Water Mission, an organization that builds wells in Africa to alleviate the water crisis there. The idea behind this event seemed pretty cool:

From B:WM website:

From Dallas to Chicago, Phoenix to Nashville, Blood:Water supporters have had the opportunity literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.  These “Water Walks” have offered advocates an invitation to take part in one mile and back walks to collect water in their own cities. These walks are based on the recognition that every day, thousands of young Africans must hike miles a day just for access to water. Furthermore, children whose daily chore it is to collect water are often left with no time to attend school. On top of the heavy loads and certain risk of illness from drinking contaminated water, it is estimated that over 40 billion work and school hours are lost every year in Africa to the act of fetching clean drinking water.

By joining in solidarity with people in Africa, walking the distance to their nearest natural water source (like a pond or stream) and back to bring back water, people have walked for water so someone else won’t have to.  However small this gesture may be, for many it has been a galvanizing and implicating experience, bringing our understanding of our neighbor one mile closer and our love, perhaps, one mile stronger.

Anyhow, seeing the photos of the Nashville walk made me think it’d be cool to have one here in DC. So after a little email back-and-forth with the people at Blood:Water, we’re set to go to for a water walk in June! Should be pretty low-key, probably just a couple dozen or so folks. If you’re in the Washington, DC area, I hope you’ll join us!


  • Saturday, June 26, 2010
  • 6pm
  • National Sylvan Theater (15th and Independence SW)
  • More info at the Facebook event page

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