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Thoughts of a new dad

Five days after the birth of my first child seems like a good time to reflect on a few things.

First, the palpable beauty of new life. How amazing it is to consider that new life can simply be grown inside a mother, materializing from a few random cells into a full-fledged living person. It boggles my mind to consider that our Creator gives us, feeble and accident-prone humans, the ability to produce such masterpieces. My personal bias notwithstanding (she is my daughter), Jolie is the prettiest baby I have ever seen; I can hardly keep from staring at and studying her, completely captivated.

Equally amazing is the fact that Drea is literally keeping Jolie alive — the fact that her natural supply is the best possible nutrition for Jolie, inimitable even by the most carefully engineered baby formulas. If that’s not enough, Jolie is receiving immunities that will last her entire life, all in these first couple days of nursing. Simply incredible.

We had a great stay at Anne Arundel Hospital, and I have a greater appreciation for nurses, now knowing the amount of competence and energy their job requires, all while keeping a warm personality for their patients. I’ll look back on our hospital stay with fondness — especially theĀ surreal, delirious feel of the nights, staggering half-awake across the hall to grab ice and juice for Drea as she nursed Jolie. We had a moderately steady stream of guests — not so many to make it overwhelming, but enough to keep boredom at bay. (Staying in a hospital for three days isn’t as exciting as one might think.) Thanks to everyone who took time to come see us!

Drea’s mom snapped this shot of Jolie, just a few hours old and before her first bath. Come on, does this kid look good or what?


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