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Road trip!

I’ve always loved our family vacations. My dad is a road trip planning wizard, and he’s taken us on some doozies over the years…

One year we drove from Maryland to Wyoming and back — over 4,000 miles roundtrip — for a family reunion. I’ll always associate that trip with The Lion King, as that was the year it came out, and we listened to the soundtrack at least 30 times.

Another year we flew into San Diego and drove up the west coast to Seattle and back. That was the trip of my parents’ now-infamous brainchild, the “seatbelt game”, where we four kids were given five seconds to un-buckle our seatbelts, rotate seats in our rented minivan, and re-buckle.

Then there was the Phoenix to Denver trip where we checked out some great towns in Arizona and Colorado to possibly live in, and where we had an elaborate competition to see who could make the best road trip mix CD.

Being in the car with my family is one of my favorite memories of childhood (and even adulthood). Playing 20 Questions, the License Plate Game, or appreciating putting up with each other’s music selections — all while seeing the most beautiful places in our country — was a great experience, and one I can’t wait to continue with Drea and our kids.

Next week, we’ll do it again. My parents arranged us one of those timeshare deals in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Sounds like a fun place — miles of bike trails, lots of tennis, and the beach — but I’m looking forward to the drive down as much as our destination. Granted, instead of desert canyons or the Rocky Mountains, our backdrop will be the conglomeration of Waffle Houses, Cracker Barrels and other obesity-inducing establishments along the I-95 corridor. But we’ll still have a blast (assuming this doesn’t happen). Plus, I can’t turn down some greasy food from time to time.


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