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I usually choose terrible movies…

You can ask Drea, Tom, or Renata. I’ve been banned from selecting movies for a while after a few less-than-spectacular indie flicks that I inadvertently inflicted on the group. First there was The Visitor, which I thought was fantastic, but evidently was the only one. Then there was Quinceañera, which looked promising but ended up being a flop in all of our minds, for many reasons – not least of which some…uncomfortable scenes. (No further comment.)

So yeah, my film recommendations don’t carry much weight anymore. I’m like the little boy who cried “good movie.” But I think I actually found a gem the other night. Drea and her mom went shopping, presenting the perfect opportunity for me to watch our latest Netflix arrival, another indie movie I’ve been encouraging begging Drea to watch with me for weeks.

the_bands_visitThe Band’s Visit follows an Egyptian police band traveling to Israel to perform. After some travel mishaps, they end up stranded in a remote desert town, far from their intended destination. The town has no hotels, but the locals have offered to take them in for the night. Since nobody has room to house them all, they split up. As each small group of band members interacts with their respective hosts, all kinds of awkwardness, humor, and unlikely friendships ensue.

In watching the special DVD features and reading some reviews afterward, a lot of the symbolism in this movie started to make sense: how the characters transcended typical Arab-Israeli animosity, the recognition of common ground despite cultural differences, etc.

There’s no fast-moving plot or edge-of-your-seat action, but it’s a funny and poignant story. Here’s the trailer…


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2 Responses

  1. janaiha says:

    looks interesting. i think i’ll netflix it.

    it remains to be seen whether or not you’ve cried ‘good movie.’

  2. […] that still cry and drool and crap themselves? Doesn’t Drew’s taste in movies, like, suck? Aren’t you guys going to drive each other […]

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