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We spent the weekend with 300 middle-schoolers!

We had a great weekend at NorthBay for the Light Company spring retreat. Drea and I sing and play, respectively, in the worship band every year with some friends from Salisbury and/or Grace Community, and it’s always a good time! NorthBay is the bomb, situated at the top of the Chesapeake Bay and home to some of the best camp food I’ve ever tasted. They also have reserved parking spaces for hybrid/alternative fuel vehicles, which we were happy to park our beloved Prius in. Boo-ya!

Our band is also the bomb. Since the retreat is for middle-schoolers, we keep the music pretty high-energy, with lots of jumping around by kids and band members alike. (For me on the keys, it turns out that jumping while playing is possible, if a little awkward and having a devastating effect on note accuracy.)

I also feel a need to mention that our repertoire this year included “Burnin’ Up” by the Jonas Brothers. (Used for “coming in music”, not for worship!) I mean, how could we not be awesome?

This was (I think) my fourth year going on the LC retreat, and I enjoy it more and more each time. A bunch of Salisbury Cru people usually come up for the weekend to do work crew, and I realized that this would be the last year there would be people at Salisbury that I knew. Freakin’ crap, I’m getting old!

In any case, we’re a little tired, but we’re always down for an excuse to jump around like idiots all weekend.


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