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Ill-advised April Fools’ jokes

Over-the-top April Fools’ Day jokes that might get you in trouble and/or arrested:

  • Randomly stand up during the sermon at church, scream a profanity, and calmly sit back down.
  • Pretend to quit your job after cussing out your boss.
  • Pretend to rob a store at gunpoint. “Haha, just kidding guys.”
  • Fake a heart attack.
  • If you’re dating, pretend to propose to your girlfriend. Like, get a ring box and everything. “Honey, we’ve known each other for a long time, and I’ve finally decided I’d like to ask you to…oh, sike ya mind!
  • If you’re getting married, pretend to call off the wedding.
  • Surprise your kids by sending them off to school with a small garden snake in each of their lunches.
  • Change your work email signature to “Git-r-done.”
  • Intentionally rear-end somebody with your car.
  • Quietly break into your neighbors’ house in the middle of the night while they’re sleeping and go stand in their bedroom until they wake up. “Oh, hey Bob. April Fools’, buddy! How’re the kids?”
  • If you’re a pastor, draw sermon illustrations from Family Guy.
  • Insult a police officer.
  • Fake pregnancy annoucements are always a good idea.

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3 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    I laughed out loud while reading this post. And I already knew it was coming.

  2. janaiha says:

    lol. i soo needed that laugh!
    “oh, sike ya mind!” hahaha

  3. Danny Knight says:

    BAH hahaaa…. You are a funny dude!

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