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A decade later (Part 2)

On this day ten years ago, Drea broke up with me. (For background info about our first dating relationship, click here.)

Anyway, my 15-year-old self was broken-hearted. March 23, 1999 was honestly one of the worst days of my life. It took me forever to get over Drea. I’m still trying to, actually. Hmm…getting married…fail.

I feel like since I posted such nice things about her the other day, it’s okay to give her a hard time today. Why would she break up with me? I mean, clearly I am the best and coolest person in the universe. I was back then too. Man, did I have a way with the ladies. Clocking in at just under 100 pounds and 5′ 1″, my heart-stopping good looks and debonair style kept the females swooning. To think what Drea gave up…

Anyway, Drea definitely deserves some grief for breaking up with me. Here’s her blog address. Let her have it!


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