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Weekend smorgasbord

So Drea’s parents, whose basement we currently make our home in, have a burglar alarm. A pretty good call, I think. I mean, we’re not in a bad area or anything, but it is PG County, so a little precaution can’t hurt, right?

Well, the dang thing went off at about 4:00 this morning. There was no burglar; evidently the wind had activated the garage door, setting off the alarm. This was not the first time since we’ve lived in the basement that this has happened. The alarm’s “fail quotient” (kudos to Janaiha for coining that) is pretty high right now. If the past few months are any indication, having an alarm system is like paying a monthly fee to periodically have the living crap scared out of you (this thing is loud) for no reason. I suppose we’d be grateful if it ever thwarted an actual burglar (or other deranged person – again, PG County), but so far it hasn’t done much besides cost us sleep.

In other news, we finally took everyone’s advice and saw Slumdog Millionaire this weekend. I’m glad we saw it on the big screen; the visual elements were incredible. I don’t know much about cinematography, but there was something about the way they shot this movie that made it hard not to be totally consumed. I really felt like I was there. (During the outhouse scene, as my dad put it, you “could smell the crap”.) But for all it’s cinematic quality, I was a little disappointed with the ending. It was definitely more neat and predictable and “Hollywood” than I expected. So, I’m glad we saw it, but…eh…

In yet even more news, we’re officially on the hunt for a house! If all goes as planned, Tom and Renata will be our housemates! Both of us are renting right now, and we figure if we pool our incomes together, we might be able to afford a halfway-decent house. An unconventional idea, but apparently an increasingly popular one ever since the economy went down the crapper. (Seriously, how can anybody afford anything?) We toured a few townhouses yesterday, most of which were brand new, huge, and probably out of our price range, but fun to look at nonetheless. We’re psyched about the idea of living together, and we’re hoping the low property values and interest rates will give us a window of opportunity.

Let’s see, what else is going on? Daylight savings time! It’s actually a pretty good idea in my opinion, but getting out of bed this morning felt like having someone throw a brick at my forehead. The aforementioned 4am wakeup call didn’t help much either. The silver lining, though, is that I got to drive to work in the dark. Score! Really though, I’m actually excited about the longer days and particularly the 70-degree weather we’ve had as of late. (Seriously, there was a foot of snow on the ground a week ago. What the crap?)

Well, it’s cleaning night at the Ackermanns, so I’d better go!


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2 Responses

  1. janaiha says:

    yea.. i was griping about daylights savings…but i kinda like leaving class when it’s still light out. WIN.

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